Packaging the products safely and hygienically is another aspect we never compromise upon. Our motive is to offer the best quality cashew products to our valued clients. At Quilon Foods Pvt. Ltd., the cashew kernels are packaged in 25 Ibs (11.34kgs) pouches or tins. The filling of the pouches/tins is followed by vacuumization of the same. Then, Co2/N2 gases are infused in appropriate ratio to prevent blocking and infestation so that the kernels remain fresh for a longer period of time.

Having earned a firm reputation in quality and reliability in the international cashew markets, Quilon Foods Pvt. Ltd., enjoys extremely good relationship with customers all over the world.

Quilon Foods Pvt Ltd. received ISO 22000:2005 IN 21ST August 2012 for packing and despatch of processed cashew kernals.